Miniature Golf – Indoor & Outdoor

Miniature Golf at Vitense Golfland
Miniature Golf at Vitense Golfland
Miniature Golf at Vitense Golfland
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All miniature golf courses are now open for 2014.  Enjoy our 36 holes of miniature golf outside and 18 holes inside!

Two 18 Hole Outdoor Miniature Golf Courses

18 Hole California Course & 18 Hole Wisconsin Course

One 18 Hole INDOOR Miniature Golf Course

18 Hole Madison Course


We feature two outdoor 18 hole miniature golf courses or take a break from any kind of inclement weather and enjoy a comfortable round of indoor miniature golf on our “Madison” landmark miniature golf course – educational, interactive and extremely fun!

18 Holes
  • Adult – $8.00
  • Junior/Senior* – $6.75
  • Pee Wee** – $3.00
36 Holes
  • Adult – $12.00
  • Junior/Senior* – $10.00
  • Pee Wee** – $4.50
54 Holes
  • Adult – $16.00
  • Junior/Senior* – $13.00
  • Pee Wee** – $6.00

* Junior: 12 & Under, Senior: 55 & Over

** Pee Wee: 3 & Under




Family Fun StarCome play the #1 rated miniature golf courses in Dane County! The two outdoor 18 hole miniature golf courses – the California Course and the Wisconsin Course – have been consistently rated by Dane County Kids publication as the #1 miniature golf courses in the greater Madison area and in Dane County. Our courses offer entertaining, challenging, and interactive fun.

We encourage more than just putting on our miniature golf courses. Our courses are fully interactive and we mean FULLY interactive. Even if you don’t care much for putting, there are still plenty of entertaining features to maintain your interest making it fun for all family members and friends. Did you ever: take a stroll under a waterfall, ride a monorail over a pit, slide down a mine shaft through a mountain – putt & walk under a giraffe – crawl through a barn – step to the top of a lighthouse – climb a mountain to a ranger station – ride a Beastie – log roll – or putt through mountain caverns? This and more can be experienced by playing our two outside and one indoor 18 hole miniature golf courses (54 holes in all).

“Madison” Indoor Miniature Golf Course Sponsors

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Klein Insurance Group
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